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The Cheapest Way to Make Phone Calls

The Cheapest Way to Make Phone Calls, Send Faxes or Use the Internet, by David A. Berger, is the single book in the marketplace that explains so many ways to save money off your phone bills...all in plain English. It provides information about the telecommunications industry and even describes hidden loopholes which can save you big money.

Toll-free Consortium is proud to have contributed to this book, including researching and organizing the material on long-distance rates and writing much of the chapter on long-distance services. The author chose a new long-distance provider based on that research...

Yet The Cheapest Way is not merely a primer on long-distance services. The other four chapters explain ways to save money on local and cellular service, and the Internet as well as steps you can take to protect yourself from fraud. Much of the free advice we offer can be found in this important reference.

Here is an excerpt from the author's introduction.

by David A. Berger
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Like much else today, the telecommunications industry is evolving rapidly. For example, in the near future, there will be several choices for local phone service providers. Similarly, the choices for long-distance services are practically unlimited. There are an estimated 500 to 1,000 long-distance providers and resellers. In this ever-changing world, much potentially useful information remains hidden, buried by claims and advertising slogans which reveal little the consumer needs to know.

Although phone companies do offer some money-saving services and tips, they are generally unwilling or unable to share information of real value. The money-saving aspects of their services are underplayed, and the information most commonly available to the general public doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of actual savings possibilities. A lot of phone companies would rather conceal or are unable to reveal valuable information to consumers. Under the present system, millions of consumers miss money-saving opportunities every day. Despite any rhetoric to the contrary, the phone companies' genuine reluctance to give up any revenue can be illustrated in an article in the 3/31/95 New York Times' business section: "Phone Companies Protest Fee Cut."

Motivated by both business need and personal curiosity, I decided to pursue my own independent research. While digging for information, I discovered that it is possible to:

Initially, what I learned about the telephone industry helped me save literally thousands of dollars. By tapping into this pool of huge savings, including billions of dollars per year in freebies, incentives, reduced rates, and free communication, I have realized substantial savings over $2,000 and 2,000 free minutes of airtime during the past year on combined long-distance and cellular phone service.

Continuing my study, I found that, in order to save money on telephone bills, one needs information in four key areas:

I also uncovered specific information about:

I was so impressed with all my findings that I decided to write The Cheapest Way to Make Phone Calls, Send Faxes or Use the Internet, which has made the best-seller list.

Although my book provides a wealth of information based on years of research, readers will not need to wade through torrents of incomprehensible jargon; everything is presented in a readable and easy-to-understand format. Additional assistance is available in case you have questions or would like to obtain the very latest information in any particular area just refer to the Need More Help? section in the back of the book. This section also provides access to the latest industry news, so that consumers can stay up to date. I also offer free Internet seminars at bookstores throughout Michigan. Here is a review of the my book by The Detroit News.

To order The Cheapest Way to Make Phone Calls, Send Faxes or Use the Internet, send e-mail to, or contact us by phone at 877-466-8655 (877-4-NO-TOLL) or by fax at 800-232-9832 (800-2-FAX-TFC).

Or you can send a check for $12.95 (which includes $3.00 shipping and handling) payable to Toll-free Consortium, 1139 Rogeretta Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30329 (USA).

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