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Our Services

T-1 Dedicated Access

T-1 dedicated access service uses digital fiber-optic lines connecting your office directly to the long-distance phone company. The lines pass through your local phone company without being routed through their switches; thus, these lines are used for long-distance calling only.

There is an added cost involved to lease or purchase equipment such as a channel bank, router, and multiplexer. However, this is offset by much lower long-distance rates, possible because of the savings passed through as a result of not paying for the use of the local exchange carrier's switches. A typical breakeven point is $2,500 per month.

A T-1 (or DS-1) line is comprised of 24 integrated voice, data, or Internet channels, 64K each.

A T-3 (or DS-3) line is equivalent to 28 T-1 lines.

Toll-free Consortium offers T-1 dedicated access service for 6.9 to as low as 5.5 cents per minute (flat rate interstate calling), depending on length of contract and monthly commitments.

If you have very high volume needs, we can also provide T-3 (DS-3) service.

We are a one-stop source for all your dedicated access needs. With our connection to WAN Technologies, we can provide equipment such as routers, channel banks, multiplexers, and modems by manufacturers such as Adtran, Ascend, Cisco, Newbridge, Motorola, US Robotics, etc.

We can also allocate as many channels as you'd like to dedicated Internet access through a backbone Internet Service Provider. For example, dedicating 4 channels to the Internet would result in a throughput speed of 256K. We can dedicate any number of channels to outbound (Dial 1+) or inbound (toll-free) service. Overflow toll-free calls can be automatically routed to a switched line.

Please contact us at 877-466-8655 or 877-4-NO-TOLL if you would like more information or to obtain a quote for T-1 dedicated access service.

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