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The Cheapest Way to Make Phone Calls

Book Review by The Detroit News

Telecommunications: Expect phone companies to have hang-ups over this book

By Tom Greenwood

Dave Berger believes in reaching out and touching someone ... in the pocketbook.

Berger, 32, is the author of The Cheapest Way to Make Phone Calls, Send Faxes or Use the Internet, a book he believes the telephone companies would rather you didn't buy.

"It's sort of like the guy who wrote the book on how to beat the Las Vegas casinos in blackjack," said Berger of Ann Arbor. "This book is filled with the kind of stuff the companies don't want you go know. Phone companies control and downplay the amount of information they provide to their users.

"This is a non-technical book that will tell readers what they can do to save money on the phone, fax machine or Internet and it's all perfectly legal."

According to Berger, up to 60 percent of the public is paying the telephone companies the highest rate possible because callers don't understand their options, or just don't want to deal with the hassle of dealing with a large company.

"I show people how to cut their fax costs by up to 50 percent," Berger said. "I can also show you how to forward calls through your car phone and eliminate local zone calls and how to forward calls through your voice mail and talk for as little as $.03 a minute."

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