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Frame Relay

Frame relay is a data service that provides multiple logical connections to remote locations through a single physical interface. This service is both time- and distance-insensitive in other words, you don't pay for the time, and the distance between the points is not a factor in the cost. The cost, instead, is dependent on the number of locations and the network topology, or configuration. Information is sent in packets, the same way it is done on the Internet.

Toll-free Consortium offers frame relay service through the highly reliable WorldCom or Sprint network. We can connect you through any network topology that you require, such as a star, partially meshed, or fully meshed configuration.

We are a one-stop source for all your frame relay needs. With our connection to various frame relay equipment vendors, we can also obtain quotes for equipment such as frame relay access devices (FRADs), routers, CSUs/DSUs, and channel banks.

Please contact us at 877-466-8655 or 877-4-NO-TOLL if you would like more information or to obtain a quote for frame relay service.

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