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Our Services

Point-to-Point Digital or Voice

A Point-to-Point Digital (or voice) service directly connects you from one office to another or to dedicated Internet access. The most famous hotline is the one connecting the White House to the Kremlin. This service is time-insensitive in other words, you don't pay for the time...just a monthly fee. The price is dependent on the distance between the two points and how many circuits you need.

A DDS, more commonly known as a DS-0, is a single 64K data or voice channel.

A T-1 (or DS-1) line is comprised of 24 integrated voice, data, or Internet channels, 64K each i.e., a T-1 is equivalent to 24 DS-0s.

A T-3 (or DS-3) line is equivalent to 28 T-1 lines.

Toll-free Consortium offers DS-0, T-1, and T-3 point-to-point digital services. This is the ideal solution if you have two offices that must remain in constant communication, especially if they are located across state borders or in different calling zones in the same state. Such "short-hop" DS-0s can cost under $200 per month!

We are a one-stop source for all your point-to-point needs. With our connection to WAN Technologies, we can provide equipment such as routers, channel banks, multiplexers, and modems by manufacturers such as Adtran, Ascend, Cisco, Newbridge, Motorola, US Robotics, etc.

We can also allocate as many T-1 or T-3 channels as you'd like to dedicated Internet access through a backbone Internet Service Provider. For example, dedicating 4 channels to the Internet would result in a throughput speed of 256K.

Please contact us at 877-466-8655 or 877-4-NO-TOLL if you would like more information or to obtain a quote for point-to-point digital service.

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