Phone:  678-907-6565 or 877-466-8655 or 877-4-NO-TOLL

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Customer Support

Our commitment to provide true customer support is reflected in several ways.

First, we provide easy-to-remember toll-free phone and fax numbers to handle any changes to your account(s), so you never have to wait on the phone for customer service from a long-distance service provider.

Second, we provide online information on saving money on phoning, faxing, and the Internet.

Third, anytime you want, we will analyze your phone bill for accuracy or to assess whether the company you are using is still the best based on your calling patterns. Just fax your bill to our toll-free fax number 800-232-9832 or 800-2-FAX-TFC.

To test which long-distance carrier is set up on your line: Dial 1-700-555-4141. It's a toll-free call, and you will get a recorded message.

Notice to all present customers: Simply because you've had your service for a while, it's possible that right now you're paying more than what we are offering new customers. If so, please call me right away. We can almost always have your current carrier lower their rates, especially in a competitive situation. If not, there are still two possibilities: (1) stay with your present carrier because overall they still offer the best service and value, or (2) have us switch you to another company we work with. The bottom line is I will make sure you're rewarded not penalized for your loyalty, which I really appreciate. If you have any questions, please call me at 877-466-8655 or 877-4-NO-TOLL. Thanks!

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