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Long-distance Survey Form

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Your name:
Company: (if applicable)
Street Address: (optional)
City/State/ZIP: (optional)
Phone: (optional)
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  1. Who provides your long-distance service?

  2. a. If "Other," please specify:

    b. How long have you had this long-distance service?

      Less than 6 months
      6 months to 2 years
      Over 2 years

  3. How much are you averaging per month for long-distance service? If you hear a beep, call us :-)

  4. How much are you paying per minute for toll-free service? per minute.
  5. How much are you paying per minute for Dial 1+ service? per minute.
  6. How much are you paying per minute for calling cards? per minute.
  7. a. How much is the per-call surcharge?

      Over 85
      80 or 85
      25 to 75
      No surcharge

    b. How long do most of your calling card calls last?
      1 to 3 minutes
      4 to 10 minutes
      Over 10 minutes

  8. If we could customize your service by taking the things you're happiest about your current provider, and improving it with additional price and service advantages, what would you improve? What would you keep?
  9. Feel free to make any additional comments.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey; it will help us to focus on areas our current and future customers value the most. Please note that submitting this survey will not switch your long-distance service.

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